Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DE news & cat update.

I asked our coordinator what was the next step and she emailed right back (3 days later) to tell me we are waiting on period info from the donor and she would be in touch really soon. Ahhhh! Of course, my over analytical mind flew into overdrive - why can't they get the info, does she have irregular periods and lied on her form, is there something wrong, is she unresponsive???
Ah shuttupyaface EB. Relax, let go, it will all happen in good time.

Cat update from vet: She's on 2 antibiotics, 2 sorts of IV liver repair vitamins, her blood count was 'fine' (which I think means no cancer) she still isn't eating on her own but she has eaten with assistance, she did pee, she had an enema and she is nervous. No shit Sherlock. Diagnosis: it was liver inflammation that got a little out of hand (not cancer) and if she can start eating and get off assisted medication support she will live. If not, he's not sure. I can't take that last bit in.

I'm living in a kind of dual world. Excited to get my teeth fixed and prep for an imminent DE cycle and emotionally done in from worry about my little furry one. I want to eat bread with honey and chocolate and English biscuits but that would defeat the DE gains we have made.

If you have any words of wisdom, I would love to hear them.
I get to see her tonight at 6.


  1. Perhaps the clinic had not yet contacted the donor to get her info and was simply trying to stall you - because I'm sure your donor has a perfect 28 day cycle. No doubt.

    Poor kitty cat. The good news is there is no cancer. Feline leukemia would not have been good. Did your vet check for inflammatory bowel syndrome, which is a common cat ailment (resulting in low appetite and high liver enzymes) and which is treatable? Most likely, right? (Never hurts to ask "Oh, were you able to rule out IBS?") Liver inflammation is usually manageable, probably requiring a new diet low in protein (sorry, kitty, no tuna). My previous dog had high liver enzymes and once on a special diet, he lived to the ripe old age of 19 years. I hope that when you see her tonight, she is bright-eyed and looking well.

  2. What a bittersweet week you are having!

    Another "perhaps" about the donor for your analytical mind: PERHAPS they gave her a 20-page form to complete regarding her period info and she's busy tracking it and diligently writing it all down!

    I'm glad to hear Miss Kitty has peed and eaten and that it is not an unmanageable condition. I hope she continues to get her strength back and can come home with you very soon. I have a cat and a dog, and I completely understand all the attachments and worry that go along with such precious cargo. You sound like such a loving and responsible cat owner - she is very lucky to have you in her life (and it sounds like it goes both ways)!

  3. Hi,
    I'm new to this site. Wow, one crisis at a time! Paperwork can take forever, so hang in there.

    Onto the kitty. My prayers are with you. It is a good sign that she's beginning to eat. She's probably depressed too. I have two pugs and they are my furry children. I've had 4 negative IVF's and several negative IUI's. My dogs are my life. We even cook for them. Sounds crazy, I know, but since we have no children whatelse is there? Don't believe the Vets. that say dogs and cats can only eat dog and cat food. They all get kickbacks from the petfood companies. Why do you thing they all hand out free samples? Enough of that, our pets truly have personalities and emotions. It's good that you are going to see her. Maybe she'll eat more for you. Perhaps you can bring her a favorite toy from home if she has to stay in the hospital.

  4. Hey, I hope this comment gets through, I'm still having trouble with some blogger sites. YAY that you're making progress with the donor thing, it always takes forever. I'm sure the clinic is keeping good tabs on her, and you'll be hearing from them soon. So.hard.to.wait!

    Hope you had a good visit with kitty, I'm sure she will improve now that she is rehydrated. Hopefully she can come home with you soon. Good luck, thinking of you.

  5. Hi EB -- thinking of you and sending my intentions for a fast and complete recovery for miss kitty. We are cat people here ourselves (the dog is an anomoly), and are for the first time cat-less after losing both my elderly (16 and 17) cats the year Liam was born. We'd very much like another cat, but I'm not feeling like I can take on keeping another creature alive right now, between myself, Liam and Will (and the dog, God bless her), I've about got all I can handle. Anyhow, that's all by way of saying, I relate to your love for your kitty and I very much hope she is feeling better and home to snuggle with you again soon. Love to you,