Sunday, July 19, 2009

NOthing to do with IF -all cat.

So we are all home. We got her home at 8pm last night. This is my bathroom - covered in pee pads! Yes, the clin.icare food gives her a really bad behind ;- (

As you can see she's still pretty sick. Although she did respond to the little mouse we got her.

She must be force fed and medicated every 6 hours. So midnight and 6am, midday and 6pm. Not sure how this week will work with my office but if it's too stressful I am taking this week off again.

So far, we are exhausted. Cleaning her up is a nightmare as you can expect. But the great news is she ate 1/4 can of food this am .... Yippee!! She is up and about this morning, scratching at the bathroom door (we can't let her out coz of the other cat). She is really wobbly but I am hoping a few days of home care and she will be much better.

DH - knee deep in runny smelly yellow poo at 5.45 am this morning, grinned and said - lets think of this as a dry run. Yeah. Good idea. Excuse me.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I told my mum what was going on and she said "hey you guys were not that difficult. You slept through the night at about 2 weeks. This is more stressful than the baby idea coz she's sick. Now a sick baby, yeah, stressful."

You listening Kitty?? Your monkey mama here was a quick learner. Catch up will ya.

So now, here I sit in my lovely smelly bathroom, blogging. Getting ready for my first table reading in 20 years and wondering how all this will turn out.

This is stressful. No doubt. But she ate. She cuddled. She played a tiny bit and she has a been yelling at us when we clean her butt. I think this is ok? What do you think? She's really lethargic but she does move every so often, even if it's just for a wobble around the bathroom. She is using the little cat litter box even if it is all gloppy yellow liquid (tmi, got it).

Shall I stop expecting the worst? Anyone been through feline fatty liver disease with underlying infection? Any words will be most welcome.


  1. Oh, what a sweet little kitty you have - poor thing! What an ordeal for all of you! I'm so glad she's home and it really does sound like she's on the mend. The eating, the cuddling, the desire to play, the use of the litter box, the scratching at the door, even the yelling at you - I would take all of these as great signs. When our cat was really sick years ago, she just wanted to go into a corner and hide away, but it sounds like yours is very interested in being close to you and getting back to normal. I think you can let yourself stop expecting the worst. XO

  2. oh what a shame! I had a pug going through chemo when I was in the middle of IVF #3. the poor little guy had to wear diapers. what a horrible time of my life.

    I hope the little kitty feels better VERY soon.

  3. I think you're doing all the right things. Keeping her confined for a while is probably a great idea - not only because of the other cat, but also she won't be too stimulated by th environment and won't exert too much energy. She does look so thin and frail, but if she can gain a couple of pounds it should help a lot. Do they expect the loose poo problem to clear up? I can't think that having those kinds of bowel movements all the time can be very good for her. Hopefully you'll see great improvement over the next couple of days.

  4. It's wonderful that kitty is back home! I think this where she will start to improve. I see she has the dreaded cone on her head. When our dogs have needed it I used to give them a break from it every once in a while when I was around to watch them. They're usually so exhausted at this point that they tend not to do any licking when you take it off.

    This is really great news!

  5. I went through a heck of a time with my old dog - reminds me of your little baby in her condition. We love these guys so much and will do anything for them.

    I hope kitty has a wonderful recovery and is back to her old kitty self in no time.

  6. glad she is home and praying for a full recovery!!

  7. Get better little kitty, your momma and daddy are taking great care of you!

  8. It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job taking care of kitty. Hope she moves quickly into full recovery mode and that you get a good week with lots of good news in it.

  9. Oh poor little meow meow. But everything you said sounds like she is making progress. Eating and peeing on her own is over half the battle!