Monday, June 29, 2009

every day in every way...

No call from CRMI yet. But it's been like, 2 weeks!!!!! Imagine what I shall be like in the 2ww!!

Thanks for the ideas. I have decided to direct a play reading and get my office ready for maternity leave. It will force me to decide what the strategy is for 2009, which I hate doing and avoid thinking about. Crap, I know. It will help the person I work with think about staffing and help her to worry (which seems to motivate her).

I am back on the food wagon - I enjoyed the 'forbidden' food but had an odd emotional reaction to it all. I felt sort of dirty or icky. I felt anxious. Kinda ruined the fun of the forbidden. Am I am so focused on losing weight so I can be pregnant that I am getting tunnel vision on the food front?


  1. I say call them! "Hello? Yes, this is Mrs. IVF40+ and I'm calling to inquire about the status of my rank on the donor egg list. I see, well, can you give me some idea when I can expect you to call me?" You know the old sayings: The Early Bird Gets the Worm. And: The Pushy Infertile Gets the Egg! I like that you're thinking about maternity leave. Way to go!

  2. I have missed out. What is the forbidden food? My guess is chocolate, but here's the thang. With all of the summer berry and fruit goodness, who needs chocolate? I'll take a ripe peach over that any day, any way. :-)

  3. i found you :) an d am praying that you get the call SOON! I agree with Best....maybe take the bull by the horns as they say? :)