Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Best Chanaku-mas ever.

We all had such a lovely day. Seriously great fun. Got up and destroyed the wrapping paper. Did anyone care what was inside - nah! Kids got tons of toys and clothing of course, each narrowing in on a particular toy that is 'MINE'

We even cooked a traditional British lunch: Roast Turkey, potato, beans, stuffing and gravy. (we had brussel sprouts but I forget to cook them).

The kids ate at the big table and were great. Mimi is a turkey fan for sure. Not so much Pip. He doesn't really like any meats. But boy can he put beans away. Especially if they are dipped in cranberry sauce.

We then watched a Christmas movie while the turkey did it thing and after that ... zzzzzzzzzzz!

It was a glorious day for many reasons - not least because I was very aware that this is our family starting its own history. We enjoy this time of year coz we get to hang out and play dancing dinosaurs, reading in a huddle ( a favourite game: reading in a big pile on the floor).

Pip got a remote control car and he is an expert at it. So every year I can see him getting something to experiment with. Mimi got make believe which she loves and little ballet slippers which although too small she adores. The best pressie for her tho was the laptop. She thinks it rocks thank you very much.

Right now its Boxing day and the kids just had cold turkey salad. Soon they will slip in to nap time ('bed please mum') and I shall join them.

Best Channa-mas ever.

Hope you and yours had all the love and togetherness they could possible desire. 

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  1. Sounds perfect!!!! Love the reading huddle!! And they ask for nap time?! Wow!!