Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis the season...

for my friend to get married.

She just had a lovely winter wedding and I got to sing at her wedding so I was chuffed.

As I stood there I imagined what my kids weddings will be like. In a church? A synagogue? A cool loft or a barn? A boat? !

Who would they chose to spend their lives with?  Male or female? Older or younger. As long as they are in love I don't really care.

I hope we last. I hope it happens whilst we are around to tell them how much we love them and how proud we are of them and welcome their partner into our family.

Until then I shall keep on teaching the only lessons that I think count. Love. Empathy. Listening. Heart.

My friend is a peace negotiator (really!) and as I watched her thank everyone and make sure we were all having a good time I thought about people in my life in one way or another who are successful but mean. They are all making good money but their home lives are dreadful.

Lesson learnt. Love. Empathy. Listening. Heart.

Hope you are all well.

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