Friday, December 21, 2012

Freaky Friday

All week I have been inching closer to the end. The day I could leave work for a whole week and not have to hear my that special someone who drives me nutso screaming and screeching like a demented parrot.

No such luck. Psycho boss is going away for the break.  Their last act before going? Loudly and violently humiliate me and demand my team work next week. 

And you know what?  I was devastated. This is my time of year - my personal spiritual time and I love it.  I felt humiliated and broken when I left work. 

Now, after a calming drink and a cuddle with super husband I have found balance. OK I have to work and that sucks. 

The kids are young enough not to care two hoots. 
This is a good time to learn this lesson without too much impact on family
My days will be short and quiet. I shall drink tea and read a book on my ipad. 
My kids can come play one day. 
I shall meet people for long lunches. 
I shall read books on how to handle a psycho boss. 
I will be ready for the new year without having to scramble. 

I can work on my resume  :)

I hope we all get a peaceful and rewarding 2013. I hope that we learn  how we treat one another matters more than almost anything else in life. I hope that those with power learn to earn it and those under that power learn to question it. I pray that empathy becomes a viral epidemic and we are all touched by it. 

Happy Holidays one and all. 


  1. Look at your cool new layout. Love it!

    I have had the luxury of never having a psycho boss (employees, yes, but not a supervisor) and cannot imagine an adult, in a power position, humiliating another adult (I'm hoping this was not public, but can't tell).

    At any rate, you are better than the asshole is treating you, so, YES, update your resume. Onward and upward in 2013.

  2. Cute new layout. WTF on the psycho boss? argh.

  3. Wow, that's horrible...insulting you and requiring you to work CHRISTMAS week. Sheesh. I think you ought to *slip* and call her Scrooge one day. My mother always said that people who act that way do it because they are jealous of you. Perhaps so in your case? I mean, you're awesome, you have a super husband and twin darlings....I bet she envies you. Good for you for making the best of it.