Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas balls...

... that's what the kids call the tree ornaments. seriously - my kids are just plain funny. 

We did have glorious glass ones till ... yup .... Pip went on an ornament serial killer spree. 

Mimi pats the tree like its a cat. 

I get most of Christmas week with the kids and I am PSYCHED! We shall walk, play and sleep and I will have them all to myself. BIG SMILE

Mimi is counting to 15 now unaided which makes her a genius clearly. Pip has decided he can't read anymore. OK then. 

We are deep in the MINE days. With twins I am sure I should have read up about the most balanced psychological approach. I let them fight it out. They are getting very few presents by design. I do not want this time of year to be about how much they got.  Who am I kidding!!

What was your favourite present when you were a kid? Mine was this sculpture thing that I had to chip away at with a hammer and chisel. I loved it. 
Oh and the year I got pregnant with my lovely little ones :-)

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