Sunday, December 30, 2012

Momma plans a party

Remember the play I directed? The cast and crew all came together wonderfully and we found we actually liked each other.  So I invited those folks over for New Years Day.  I called it a 'Gently Does It' afternoon and went with a 1980's theme. Finger foods abound. I wonder if I can get any Bucks Fizz. Anyone remember that? We shall play Taboo, which is the best game ever, and eat funny food.

We haven't held a gathering since the kids were born (other than kids stuff).  I'm a bit nervous,  the truth be told,  but my New Years Resolution is to socialise more. Also to run 4 x 5K's. Have to get my knee sorted first but by the time my kids are 3 I will have completed 20K. Wonder if I can get my time down?

This year is all about my family and freedom. Making sure we all get out and do things (swimming and hiking is on my list) and getting a new job or going back to being self employed.

What about you guys? What would your dreams for 2013 be?

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  1. Bucks Fizz is British. I think the closest thing America has is a Mimosa. Happy New Year! I haven't even thought about resolutions yet. Maybe tomorrow. :)