Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

The party went remarkably well for our first attempt. I ended buying too much booze (we don't drink so I guessed!).  What a wonderful way ti start the year.

The kids refused to sleep. Pip kept saying "Party!" Made me fall over laughing.

Both DH and I are trying the Weight Watch.ers thing again. He is much more disciplined than I. However, I have a sociopathic narcissist for a boss so my stress levels are higher ;-)

I have found that my stress food is carbs in chocolate. Or is chocolate a carb? Anyway, it means that my arse has once again expanded. Middle earth spread, instead of middle age spread!

Tomorrow the kids and I going to be doing yoga. I figure if its too cold to go for a long walk we will do inside exercise. Anyone tried exercising with two toddlers at home? Any advice?

Now if you excuse me I have some carbs to eat. 


  1. One of our friends / babysitters has been teaching Isobel some yoga and she loves it! Go for it! Good luck with WW. I have a serious jiggle in my stomach and I feel your pain!
    My weakness is lattes and chocolate!

  2. When I lay on the floor to do some exercises the kids climb on top. Makes it hard. Then I have to try to get them to do the same moves with me so they're occupied.