Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blech and Yay and Oops.

Is this layout better?

Pip is getting better by leaps and bounds. From not eating he is back to being his hollow legs self. Mimi is right in the middle of all this but is still a lovely kid. She is starting to be a little defiant tho. She looks right at me and does the thing she's not supposed to. Ah well.

There is still an enormous amount of snot but I don't seem to care !

I had forgotten what a funny little fella Pip is. All week he was just so limp. Now he's back on track he is dancing and singing again. He does this hilarious little dance which is a cross between hip hop and ballet. Hilarious.

I just realized i forgot to give him his medicine tonight.

Sigh. mother of the year


  1. I can't say I like this layout. I feel like I'm on a page that won't fully load.

    Regardless, hope everyone is on the mend and that you are on the other side of blech, soon.

  2. Yes, this layout works so much better for me! Thank you. I can find the comment link and actually, I love the blue "outdoors" background.

    So glad Pip has more pep. Ah, snot. You get used to it, eh? Until they learn to manage their own secretions, kids are a not-so-tidy bundle of drool, snot and goo.

    Yep 2.5 years old and the defiance kicks into high gear. Scout is SO testing limits these days. I'm happy to say though that after my strong looks of disapproval, time in the Naughty Spot and directives to NOT throw toys at the twins, we end our communications with hugs and kisses.