Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Didn't get the job

I was unceremoniously emailed by the ass that was running the search on Sunday. Obviously something I did or said ended my chances coz I was still in the middle of interviewing!

To say I was devastated is perhaps an overstatement. Did I really want to job? Yeah, but only to get me away from Psycho.

Well, here's a strange thing. After a melt down and some chocolate I took stock. I have a job. I work with nice people. I get home by 6.30pm most night so I get to see the kids. I can look for the next move whilst learning what I need. I will manage the psycho as best I can and see what happens.

When life gives you lemonade ...

Still pissed the guy emailed me tho.

 Now, you'll have to excuse me, the kids are re-enacting Spartacus in their bedroom

1 comment:

  1. Oh that sucks! Can you ask him for more details? Doesn't he owe you that?
    Trying to focus on the good things is a good strategy. I don't have a psycho boss, but I have psycho colleagues. It blows. But I get insurance, work near home and get paid ( though not enough!)
    File under good enough for now.