Monday, January 14, 2013


I had 6000 page views last month. I've had 91K over all time.

Loving all the attention :-)

Kids are still on the mend although the cough that Mimi has belongs to a life long smoker of 88 years at least.

Even tho she's ill she is still amazing. Watching one of her programs tonight she was totally interactive and loving every moment. For some reason Pip doesn't want me or dad to interact. If we sing or clap he starts to get really shirty and says "no no no"

they may be twins but they are way different kids.

I have another round of interviews for a new job tomorrow. keep your fingers crossed please! I got to get away from my current nut job. I mean job.
Sorry Freudian slip.

he he he

Hope your all safe from the flu!!


  1. Nut job indeed! Good luck...fingers crossed!

    Hope Mimi's better soon.