Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why good will always win over bad.

I am still shaken from my latest round with crazy boss.  I have diagnosed her as having  Narcissist Personality Disorder. After reading a ton of books/articles and speaking with my shrink it all falls into place. Short version: no empathy, self obsessed, will go to very long lengths to destroy whomever they please. 

Amazing how effective she is at destroying me. Why am I giving her this power? I feel like a total loser and disgusted with myself. Yep, she is getting what she wants. 


I have started a log of every shitty thing she has done since I arrived. It makes quite the reading.  

And it gives me perspective. I wrote when, where and what happened. 

Always in private. 
Always full of threats
Always personal in nature. 

In complete relief to that our non biological Grandparents came a calling today with about 10 bags of gifts for the kids. They are insanely kind to us. I love them so much. They were appalled at how tired I looked. Moppi (grandma) knew something was up. It was nice to be able to spill the details and have unconditional support. 

So, we played and ate (bagels of course) and laughed a whole lot. Just lovely. The kids went down no problem and I have a few hours to myself. BLISS!!

My non bio family mean the world to me and mine. It's so wonderful to experience love in the midst of feeling like crap. I do wonder at how much we have, how lucky we are. Thankful doesn't even begin to cover it. 

And even my brother managed to send an actual gift this year. A real one. WOW!!!

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