Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weigh in and EL update.

First of all, I love my weight watchers group. What a bunch of misfits we are. One women has twins from IVF and she is regaining control of her life after three years of mayhem, an ex military guy wanting to renter the world in a physical sense, crazy runner lady that does tons of marathons (and steals booklets but that's another story) and then fighter - lost 70 pounds and counting despite her family history. We all gather early on a Saturday morning in a dingy basement and each week I leave feeling so uplifted and part of something special.

They remind me of us.

We are a ragtag group of people from all over the country and world. We are all shapes and sizes, ages and demographics. Yet we strive on. We've committed to trying this thing that will end in life, one way or another. Even when we experience death and despair as an equal part of the journey we strive on. Even when we are forced to make choices between this life and that, we strive on together. We move forward, sometimes by staggering and sometimes by soaring.

We rock. Pure and simple. We rally around the person in need the most and support them no matter what is going on in our own lives. We celebrate with each other and shield members from those invading assholes that would cast judgement on the way we chose to live and love.

I am so proud to be a part of this group. I can honestly say, without you I would have given up ... no, given in many moons ago.

OK back to my weigh in update.

For those new to me I go to W.eight W.atchers and each week I write down my loss or gain. I do this so I am held accountable to those I admire since I made the pledge four months ago to lose 30 pounds. Or was it 40? I decided to lose the baby weight BEFORE I have the kids! I can't remember the exact number since it has become irrelevant. I will keep on the plan whether the kids come or not because I like what I see and I am like how I feel.

Stop rambling ... so sorry.

So... today I lost 3.6 pounds! YIPEEE. Big smile, oh so big right now. I celebrated by buying a new pair of running shoes. There is a place nr us that measures your feet - I have lost a whole size! They are cute runners too. Can't wait to try them out (today is a rest day, boo!)

I lost weight despite EL. WOW, it is kicking my ass all around town. Yesterday I thought I was going to either cry or hit someone - anyone! I even got annoyed at people on the street that had the audacity to speak loud enough for me to hear. I live in NYC. It is impossible not to hear each other! Poor DH said the wrong thing every time he opened his gob! We have diner tonight and have to take the evil stuff with me so I can shoot up in the bathroom. Better be a nice place!! Nothing worse than a grotty bathroom, needles, bad light - makes me feel like a junkie in a bad 1970s film.

Anyone got any antidotes to the EL? Oh and by the way - to prove my complete lack of mental balance I POAS again this morning. Yeah, really. Spending all this money on DE because my eggs don't work and I am POAS before the transfer just to make sure I am not preggers.

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  1. The first half of your post gave me goose bumps. Yes, this is a wonderful community we are part of. And I'm glad you are part of mine.

    Congrats on the continued weight loss! Your WW community sound awesome (if not a little unusual) too!

    And the comment about feeling "like a junkie in a bad 1970's film" made me laugh out loud.