Saturday, August 29, 2009


If I get preggers I can't go to weight watchers. It's illegal! seriuosly ... illegal. WTF. There is no way I am going to trust myself to be a healthy pregnant eater. I shall find a healthy eating group in the city somewhere. This is NY, there gotta be something.

Weigh in +3.4 plateau anyone! Mind you, I did eat Chinese food last night with friends and its PMS week so hopefully I can drop it next week (once AF turns up... you listening AF, yes you). I have decided to go to maintenance which means adding 4 points a day. That way I will not increase my weight through food (just drug weight which usually drops off three weeks after the last shot for me).

So the birthday weekend has started. So far I have got tons of chocolate - which I will give to the guys downstairs. A bunch of English ginger goodies - which I will cut up and freeze for special occasions. We are going for a french meal tonight at a really lovely bistro in Soho (think I might go for seashell stuff since I might not be able to in a month :-)). And Sunday (which is the day) I am going to get a massage, go to a movie and cuddle my cats. My furry babies. And dream of .... oh you know.

Thank you all for your lovely birthday messages.

Susan Graham singing Ave Maria at Kennedy's funeral is one of the most lovely things I have ever heard.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great time tonight at dinner, and tomorrow at your massage!

  2. Your birthday weekend plans sound divine! And you know what I forgot to tell you? When I went to see what a Curly Wurly looks like, I realized - hey! - we used to have something like that when I was a kid! It was called a Marathon Bar and looked almost exactly like a Curly Wurly. So yes, I remember....the chewy chocolately caramelly-ness of it all! At least now I know where to get a replacement.

    Good for you thinking about maintaining weight and healthy eating while pregnant. I have to tell you though - and don't you remember? - the brain only knows how it feels NOW. I want chocolate. I think I'm gonna barf. What is that delicious/horrible smell? I must have mashed potatoes! It can throw quite a monkey wrench into your now-level headed plans. Thus, my pudgy gut.

    Please let us know tomorrow which movie you saw and if you liked it. Happy Birthday again!

  3. Happy Birthday EB! I hope you have a great day, starting NOW! With much love,