Sunday, August 2, 2009

rainy days and mondays

What happened? One nice day and now its pitch black and throwing it down.

Took cute Cat to the vets again. Her levels are still elevated but she is gaining weight. She did not like being out in the rain anymore than I did! Long time meds blah blah blah

My DH works on Sunday and it leaves me a whole day to do with as I will. I am so tired today that I am doing very little with it! I was going to go shopping, go to the gym, do the washing. Eh. I have ordered a turkey burger and i am going to watch tv from the old country instead.

If I listened to myself I would hear my own fear. I am excited and terrified about the DE thing. That's the truth. We are close, it would seem. But I don't know anything. At least that's how it feels. I have read everything, I know nothing. I guess this is my old friend anxiety.

Maybe I just need a week on a beach somewhere. Oh yes, indeed. With blue skies, a cool wave and a surfboard.

Sprogblogger - thinking of you.


  1. Glad kitty is looking better and that she's gaining weight. Hey, nobody says you have to be productive today. Although down time is time to think, and wonder and worry. But I'm hopeful for you. And for your donor eggs. This is the formula that is going to work. And very soon you'll be looking back, reflecting on all these frustrating days and months, and you'll think: Wow, that was a lot of shit, but it was worth it!

  2. EB I swear, I can't believe how much you have to fight for the information, as you so rightly say, that you need for complicity. For goodness sake's. Anyway, glad you are synchronized with the donor, and glad there is an option for lupron since the BCP window passed, and glad you have that information now but
    man alive, it tweaks me off on your behalf that you are not given the whole secret decoder ring ahead of time. Why on earth not?

    I think this is going to work too. This is just the shit to slog through first, then finally, there'll be "nothing but net" and you'll be on your way.

    Thank you for being supportive as always in this time of my own little insanity.
    Of course, most times are times of insanity but you know what I mean.

    warmly and with great appreciation,