Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hot 'nuff for ya

Oh man, make it cooler.

I did my first EL shot last night. I was excited and boy was I quick! I used to be so careful and ohhhh so protocol aware. Now, wham, done. ha! a veteran!

So my vacation starts today. Fun. have been doing housework for hours and it is so not nearly over. YUCK

I am going swimming tomorrow come what may.

I am hungry today. Is that EL? Or is it PMS? Or is it both? Whatever the reason I am worried about putting on more weight this week. I went up 1.6 last week - which my leader put down to my new muscle. She expects me to drop weight this week if i stick to my points. Well, in the week I do but at the weekend, ohhh no. I think this weekend I shall go for burgers and milkshake. And whilst I am on the food treadmill a steak would be nice. So would be the pasta dish from Lupa - the one with sausage. and apple pie. Oh dear god I am hungry.


  1. Yay for kitty, so happy about that. And yay for you! And I'm sure the 1/6 lbs is all lean muscle. Enjoy the hell outta the burger and shake!

  2. Lupron always makes me hungry, DON"T give in! You are doing so well, I am inspired by you every day. But absolutely go for the steak and a (small) milkshake, you are working out like a maniac.

    Good for you doing the shot so quickly, all this stuff gets to be old hat; can't believe I was so worried about it one million years ago (or exactly a year ago)!

  3. Swim, eat, be a lady of luxury! Well, okay, don't eat too much. Just enough to feel like you've splurged. I like sausage in pasta too, by the way. And all those other things you mentioned! Really though, try to relax. This IS your vacation after all!

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