Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot as a badgers arse

I'm not good with heat. Well, that's not true. I am great with heat by the sea or up a mountain. I am not good with dirty heat - new york in august heat. Heat that turns everything to rotting masses and then clings to your freshly laundered clothing. Virgo anyone??

Work is mucho quiet due to the fact that I was supposed to be at a Spa in Europe about not. So here I sit at my desk, waiting for clients to get back to me and googling success rates of DE cycles. I even investigated maternity clothes and nannies before spitting twice and jumping over a burning stick. What was I thinking! How could I curse myself like that?

I got up early this morning to feel cat and go to the gym and now its 10.15am and I am dropping off at my desk!!

Ahhh another surprise pregnancy for a co-worker. We have been trying the same time as I have. Starting to feel like I am standing still and everyone else is dancing.


  1. gosh darn, I keep trying to comment and it keeps eating it?
    Briefly- I sent some info to Susan directly since she wrote to me and forgot to let you know-- my apologies! And

    DE has great success rates, really great, and it will work sweet EB, it will.

  2. Oh thanks Kate. you so lovely!

  3. Bwaaa ha ha! Spitting and jumping over a burning stick (wiping tears from eyes). Thanks for that today. DE's numbers are indeed great, hoping you have an awesome outcome and will be dancing yourself very very soon.

  4. Hope the heat lets up soon. We've been hot here in Michigan too for the past few days. It's been so darn cool all summer - in the mid 70s, so for it to be 90 now is crazy! I hate those darn surprise pregnancies.

  5. Loving this heat. Not loving that everyone around me is falling pregnant while I continue stumbling over failed IVF cycles. ugh. Here's hoping both of our DE cycles work this time.

  6. You'll be dancing soon enough...like, next month! Kind of nice to have a lull in the work, I imagine. I remember August heat in NY...humidity sapped me of all energy. Hope it cools off a bit soon. And hey, I think you SHOULD daydream from time to time.

  7. Hey, you're going to be dancing with everyone else soon! So exciting - the odds for DE really ARE great, and I've already defied the odds for you so you should get knocked up the first go-round! This is such a hard time, just wait til you get to transfer and it will feel more real. Thinking of you!