Sunday, August 30, 2009

One more round... Happy Birthday to me...

Yes, I am 41 years old today. I spoke with my mum this morning and she complained "oh it makes me feel so old having my youngest at ... 41!"


And of course, since it is my birthday AF arrived! But we tricked her didn't we. She thought she was messing up my birthday (just like she did my wedding night - oh yes, oh yes she did) but HA!! CD1 of our cycle. What a birthday gift that is. Here we go. I am at once excited and totally nervous (heart and mind racing). I know I haven't had to wait as long as some on DE but still, one day is too long to wait for my kids.

I need adoption recommendations again. My DH tidied up the office and threw out my damn file (he is a little confident that this cycle is going to work). Not that I think this is not going to work but I want to start filling out paperwork etc so I take the pressure off and don't waste any time. So, if you have any adoption agency recommendations please let me know.

CD1. WOW. Today, someone that stopped blogging when she got pregnant through DE announced the birth of her twin boys. Funny how timing can mean so much. Here's hoping.


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm sure it is a good sign that this is cd1! Hope you get a chance to snuggle with kitty and enjoy the day (cramps and all!)

    When I was on WW it was fine to be pg as long as you told them - your points were adjusted so you get the right nutrition. But check into it, cuz that was less than a year ago...(they were the only IRL people I told) Good luck!

  2. Hey! Happy Birthday and welcome AF. Looking forward to reading about your DE cycle! Cheers!

  3. Happy Happy BIrthday! And happy happy CD1.

  4. Happy Birthday to You! And what a wonderful present AF brought. At last! So, yup, here you go! Chalk up another coincidence and ride the wave. I hope you had a wonderful birthday doing all the cozy things you love.