Friday, August 21, 2009

ICWL week

Hello to those visiting from ICWL week. This is the first time I have done it so I shall follow the lead of others and a BIG HELLO to the two new followers.

Background for those that don't already know:
We have been trying to have a baby for..ages. Married to a creative chap and we live in NYC. We have tried 4 IUI's, 2IVF's and we are now on our first Donor Egg cycle. For those that don't know what that is ... we get a donated gamete and inseminate it with DH's sperm. Then, with the 65% chance of success, we pray for a healthy implantation, gestation and birth. I will be the babies biological mother but not their genetic inspiration.

I go to Cornel.l for treatment and so far I have been pregnant once for a nano-second. I did have a natural pregnancy but I miscarried at 11 weeks.

I have also just lost 30 pounds in order to help the DE process. Since I have started L.upron (Evil Lupron EL) I am hungry ALL the time!

Meanwhile .... my worry about being pregnant. I POAS this am and got a BFN. YIPEEEEEEE. never so happy to see that bright pink line hanging out all solo. So my tail is wagging I am barking less and have even treated myself to a detox at Bliss Spa in Soho. It is the same cost at a regular massage and I get to be scrubbed, rubbed and wrapped for 90 mins. You know why I am doing this? Because I want to shed the 1.6 pounds my weigh in told me I had gained last week. OBSESSED! Well, that and the fact that it will totally freakin rock!!

I am also meeting colleagues that I really enjoy hanging out with this afternoon and we are doing an off site - going to the movies!! It is totally boiling outside (or hotter than a badgers arse as we say where I come from ) so movies and gym are all I plan to do today.

I am highly irritated and have a damn headache - I hate EL - but at least it feels like AF is on her way. I would say 4 days. Every day is one step closer to trying again. It seems weird that this is our last try. Our last hurrah.

fingers crossed.


  1. Great way to kick of ICLW! And for any newcomers reading this comment, what EB didn't tell you is that she is incredibly smart, hugely talented, has a will of steel and will put a NY cabbie in his place in a NY nanosecond! Furthermore I am sure this DE cycle IS GOING TO WORK! I hope you have a great ICLW experience. Happy Weekend. :)

  2. Hey -- hoping you had a great afternoon and a relaxing weekend with no headaches, work- or EL-related. I relate to your work rant; really, this working for a living especially when there are so many nutty bosses and clients involved is just, well, it's not my favorite thing either. Love to you,