Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marching bands

it was like walking around in a bloody oven yesterday. NOT congenial for wearing a suit.

So tomorrow I go to Cornel/l for my first day of DE cycle (not cd1, just first day of interaction). I know from my mock that they call later in the day with results so I have decided to go to acupuncture as normal and let the answer machine get the instructions. I am excited to the point of maybe celebrating with a croissant for breakfast from the Pain Quod nr the hospital ! I know!!! Crazy me.

DH is back to asking me a 1000 questions about DE all of which are answered in the f**king packet. I just say 'I don't know, look at the packet". READ THE INFORMATION BEFORE I DECAPITATE YOU! Makes me so hoppin' mad. If we get pregnant and we have a boy I am going to teach him ...

1. how to look for and actually find something before asking me
2. how multitask
3. how to read the given instructions BEFORE asking someone else what to do
4. what a supermarket is for
5. that washing clothes is more effective if you look at the damn labels BEFORE throwing them into hot water
6. that he does not have to have a marching band celebrate his magnitude when he does something for someone else.

and breathe.... ok... maybe too much decaf this morning. Oh for a cup of coffee, an espresso. ohhhhhhhh.

I have decided to take most of next week off. My calendar is clear since I was supposed to be in Europe. I shall use my gym as a spa - swim, exercise, massage, pedicure etc. I am going to sleeeeeeeep for hours and hours. Oh yeah. And maybe, just maybe, read more blogs about DE!


  1. Hi! Sorry I have been absent. Just catching up on your stuff. Well...looks like we'll be hitting a transfer about the same time, kinda like we thought? Hoping kitty is better and that your DH will pull his head out. ;) (I'm sure he will.) Glad you can enjoy a week off. Cheers!

  2. Your post is hysterical. I think most men lack these qualities. I am constantly yelling at M about looking for things before he asks me. "Can't find the mustard, we must be out". I'll go over, look and it is right in front of his face. Seriously. Why do they do this???

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope you don't have to interact much with that Melissa person ;)

    Next week sounds fabulous to me! Enjoy yourself.

  3. Mmmm, croissant! Wish I were there to have one with you. I hope the appointment goes well and results are excellent. Oh, EB, I think our husbands were twins separated at birth. My DH did the same thing - asking questions about things that were discussed in the literature...or that the doctor told us! (can you please pay attention for one minute?!). You're going to have such a great week pampering yourself. You deserve it!