Friday, August 14, 2009

OK Wagging back in motion.

You're comments made me reevaluate all my panic. I am too NY for my own good. So, I calmed down and went to my wonderful acupuncturist, had a major cuddle with the cat and a good nights sleep.

Today was DH and I had to go to Cornell for our blood work, research & Process consents and pap visit. For 20K you would think thy would find nurses that could draw blood! Poor DH looks like a pin cushion! Then she tried me. Same problem. The regular technician turned up and wammo = 10 viles of blood in under 30 seconds!
And then the pap. Do they ever get any better. When they say "you may feel a little pressure" what this particular crappy intern meant was 'I have no idea what the frick I am doing and so you are about to experience quite a bit of pain'. It's rotation time at the hospital and boy does it show!

So, we are up to date with our blood work, our research and release papers, all our physical exams, our psychological evals and our medicine.

We are ready to go!! YEEEEEHHAAAAA! Our DE packet from the hospital was the size of a large file when it arrived thru the mail. Now it is a sliver, a wafer thin mint.

On another note... I was awarded 'one lovely blog' by Illanare. A big thank you and wow! I am supposed to pass it on but right now I have to run around like a headless chicken.


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  1. Good for you! Despite doctor rotations and nurses with bad aim. Hey, at least they didn't make you hold your own speculum!

    I remember when that thick DE packet arrived in the mail and how excited you were to go through it. Now it's more like - let's get this paperwork out of the way and move on to procedures, please! I hope kitty is doing better. At least she's home snuggling with you, so that's good. Happy weekend!