Monday, August 17, 2009

Ovulation what now?

So according to super coordinator I have already ovulated. I knew it!! If she had let me use the OPK I could have told her when instead of getting up at 6 to get to the hospital for b/w this am.


I start my Lu.p.ron today (hereafter referred to as EL - evil When I get my period (which she has down as 29th) I am to call her. WE ARE ON OUR WAY!!!


What if I start earlier than the 29th? Will that mess up the cycle? I shall email corny.

And on other news.... cat got the all clear this weekend. We can go back to feeding her twice a day and step down on her meds. By the 15th (Sept) she will have her tube out. PHEW!


  1. we are off to a great start! lupron and a kitty on the mend. all is good!


  2. nah, doesn't matter so much when you get AF. The important part is overlapping the Lupron with AF. Then, when you are on Lupron and estrogen, they can keep you in that holding pattern for as long as they want....

  3. two pieces of good news!! ((hugs))

  4. Shelli is right (as far as I know!) about when AF comes, once you get going on the EL you can stay in suspended animation til the eggies are ready for harvest! Very exciting. Glad the cat got the all clear too, what a relief.

  5. happy start of Lupron! Um, I think. Anyway, here's to progress and synchronized cycles. And you-- running! good for you!
    And so happy about your kitty, one less thing to panic about. I am all for that.

    Congratulations all around,

  6. I think they just guesstimate when you will get AF. But whenever it happens, call the clinic on that CD1 until you get through! I'm so happy you're starting your cycle! And it coincided perfect with cat getting better. Maybe she knew that it's your turn for some attention!