Monday, August 3, 2009

Get your wag on

I saw a sticker on a car today "less bark more wag". It got me to thinking. I am here, in this journey, and I can either enjoy it for what it's worth or give in to my natural self and slowly slip into a victim coma. Unlike some that dip then soar, I fall headlong into the abyss. Over the past few weeks my resilience has been fading. As my lack of sleep catches up to the emotional battering I have had this year I am getting less and less able to fight off the black dog. So I am gonna get my wag on. Whatever happens with the DE and with cat and with sleepless nights and early mornings, I am gonna get my wag on. I know exercising will help and losing the weight is cool. I shall invest in a few tops or dresses or whatever to make me feel sexy again (no idea when the last time THAT was) and revel in my successes. I will rediscover the passions in my life.

I will be unbearable, clearly! But its almost 4 weeks to my favourite time of year and I am determined to fit into a nice little black dress for my December concert or a lovely maternity dress. Either way, I will like the way I look and feel.

Welcome to the wagtail times.


  1. Good attitude! I think you're on your way and things will begin to look up soon. It's always easy to focus on the negative. Let's face it, most of us do just that. Sometimes we all need to sit back and count the blessings that we tend to overlook like the changing of seasons. It's like a new start every couple of months. Sept.-Dec. can be such a magical time of year. I think treating yourself to a new wardrobe (whatever type it may be) is an excellent idea. It'll boost your self esteem and get those positive vibes flowing. Maybe kitty will feel it too (they say animals sense a lot from humans) and it will help her recovery. And when all else fails... you're in NY city baby! Enjoy it!

    Sending positive vibes your way

  2. Good for you! All that from a simple bumper sticker. Maybe you were ready to turn the corner and just waiting for the signal. Your descriptions are beautiful and I'll be here to cheer you on. Autumn is my favorite season too, so we can look forward to golden autumn light, tangy apple cider, the crisp smell of fallen leaves and traipsing through pumpkin patches. And although a tiny black dress sounds appealing, I'm pulling for you to be wearing a maternity style instead. Happly almost-autumn.

  3. Yay you! I really admire you, EB. You obviously work a demanding job, you do a lot of stuff both in the TTC/ART world and in the "regular life" world, you seem to do it all with good humor and well. Plus, you have this kick ass attitude and great weight loss thing happening. I hope, hope, hope this cycle will get quickly sorted and going strong, and that miss kitty will just get better and better, and that you need and find the cutest maternity dress ever conceived on sale this fall. Love to you,