Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worries and thoughts

I am worried I am pregnant. Yeah, how about that for weird. I even POAS - BFN. But I keep getting obsessed that since I started EL I will be pregnant naturally and have to have a D&C etc. I guess I am used to such clockwork goings on down there that this post D&C wonky cycle is freaking me out. Not that we are a couple of newlyweds - love how IF treatment messes with the one natural process that can actually help.

Maybe I am pre-menstrual. Oh yes, please. Let it be that. The way I am working out I wouldn't be pregnant long, that's for sure. I even had to stop running today coz of blisters. I am so proud of myself.

I even walked away from *$ today. I walked away from a post work out cappuccino. Boooya.

I am taking it easier today. Lot less housework. Lots more cat cuddling. Cat is in her new tank top - she is a black cat in a pink and orange vest. So cute it hurts!!! Now if only my office could stop calling ....


  1. Oh hon, I'm sure your hormones are all over the place. You will be fine, this is going to work out for you. Your body is just reacting to all the drugs/weight loss/hormones/stress of the last couple months! Hang in there!

  2. What day of your cycle is it? I agree with musicmakermomma - it's very likely the hormones giving you the run-around. Plus, you've had such a stressful month and stress can delay your period. LOVE the visual of Miss Kitty's vest - when you have a chance, post a pic please!!!!

  3. Jeeze -- I'm sorry. I can just imagine (from my own obsessive thoughts on various things) the adrelin rush. . .I hope very much that you don't have that "complication" to deal with and that things even out soon. Great news on the running -- that is so cool and more great news on miss kitty. Take care.

  4. hey sweetie, I am just sending you a big hug, some days you just need it!

  5. You know EL can do loopy things, so try to hang in there. I'm sure everything is just fine. Breathe. I can't encourage you to exercise because you are already Wonder woman in that category. Cat cuddles. That's always good remedy!