Monday, August 24, 2009

What is a curly wurly???

See, that is what's wrong with America. A 'curly wurly' is a long thin candy bar - caramel covered in milk chocolate that is just so yummy it's not even worth trying to discuss this. (I reread this and thought - wow, didn't intend to sound so... oh bitchy!!)

Yes, EL is kicking my head in and laughing while doing it. I could barely do my time at the gym this morning (thank the world that West Wing plays during my treadmill time). I am achy and tired, depressed and yuckky. Oh this sucks. I was wondering if I ought to mention my weight loss to super coordinator? Doesn't the dosage depend on your weight? I shall drop her a line.
It wasn't this bad during the mock cycle.

As I write my staff are trying to coordinate a 4 week travel schedule from hell. And I get to stay here. Evil laugh here. Nights in my own bed, with fat cat and slim. DH massaging my back when the EL attacks my muscles. My lovely deep bath. Oh yes. As much as I love going on the road, I much prefer staying home, especially right now. And since everyone is annoying the bejesus out of me and I am getting paranoid it's probably best I stay. Don't cha think?


  1. Staying home is always a bonus, I think!

  2. Ok now I want a curly wurly with every iota of my being.
    good lord, good porn. candy porn!

    so, yes, glad you are staying home, and sorry about the EL and the subsequent ass kicking. I can only say it will not last.

    and no, the dosage is not usually based on weight, sorry to say.
    maybe they will surprise both of us and say otherwise.

    GOOD LUCK riding the crazy waves.

  3. I want a curly wurly too! Nothing like chocolate and caramel to help ease whatever ails you. Okay, we need to do a big countdown to your last day of EL. How much longer is the torture supposed to last? And I'm with you...I'd much rather be home when I need comfort. Hope you get some peace of mind soon.