Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hot. Rainy. Sunday.

By hell it's hot. I have all the various cooling agents on including the velocity fan!! Poor miss kitty is swooning with a fit of the vapors and mr kitty runs around for a second then falls over with a similar fit of the vapors.

The EL is doing my frikkin head in. I HATE IT. It makes me totally mad, crazy, nuts, crackpotty (shut up, that is word) and all the rest. I got up this morning and burst into tears. Why? No idea. It's Sunday. I tried doing my singing exercises - ha! abandoned and went for a coffee. YES A COFFEE - WHAT ABOUT IT!!

Sorry. I want to start a face book page - Haters of EL. 'cept it would defy the point of this anonymous stuff.

I POAS again today. Still nada Phew. So I think I am well and truly not preggers and this cycle is, so far, ok. Ohhhhh just think. This time next month it will be cooler and I might be lucky enough to be hurling down the loo, falling asleep in my soup and crying because it's Sunday (again) . I will be thinking about warmer socks and maternity wear. Where we would actually put the baby (yeah, we could plan ahead but why take away all the fun).

I am impatient to get on with all this. So come on AF lets go sweetie. I know you usually hang back till the worst possible moment but if you do I will find you and it will hurt. You, not me.

Oh and breakfast this morning - a toasted bagel (Oh yeah) a curly wurly (English candy) and a bar of English chocolate. I love have my free of diet day.

Now excuse me - miss kitty is demanding my attentions, stroking a velvet belly... mmmn Sunday.


  1. hi EB,
    Glad you are not pregnant (and have decided that that is the weirdest thing I have ever written on an IF blog)-- and your breakfast sounds YUMMY.
    Lupron is the devil's spawn, and I am sorry it is making you nutty. I hope your period comes soon so you can get on with this next great adventure.


  2. That EL is just torturing you! Of course, if there is anyone you need to confront, ahem, this might be the time. You are a force to be reckoned with at the moment! Okay, I'm dying to know what a curly wurly is. I have to go google it. I'm channeling AF thoughts for you. Happy Sunday evening.

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