Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quieter than a pixie's armpit

There is no-one ... NO-ONE ... on my floor at work. Even the really annoying loud guy is out. I can hear the air conditioning. Good job coz I am in jeans and berkies today!! No make up and my hair has dried naturally to something resembling a birds nest. I am too full of EL to give a flying crapola. AF PLEASE START - can I bribe her, beg her, oh man make it start.

I POAS again this morning. What is wrong with me! I am thinking about whether to POAS after the transfer. It is clearly in my nature. Oh yes. But. In my new Zen state of mind shouldn't I honor the process of implantation? Give the little one some time to settle in before I hassle her/him/them? I could start to anticipate rather than dread the mornings.

Oh who am I kidding. Might as well order a batch of EPT's online.

This whole, no diet thing - kinda liking. I went on the ww website and it says I have to eat 4 more points a day to maintain my weight. That is like, a croissant! Or another healthy snack. I am still working out for 2 hours in the am which might have to stop. Mind you, working out is a bit of an exaggeration. Right now I am walking for an hour (2-3 miles in 1 hr) and then i have my trainer. However, as I write this I am struggling to stay awake. I think I shall drop down to one hour of walking and some stretching. Or if my past experiences with IVF hold true, do sweet naff all for the month.

Tonight I am going to break into my wonderful gift from DH. Bath salt scrub, soak in some minerals and then a generous rub down with the cream. Did that description boarder on the edge of porn for anyone else?? Hopefully AF will arrive in the next day or two and that will be the last of the baths. I don't take really hot ones anyway - bad for your veins apparently. I take French baths - deep and luke warm but with lots of lovely smellies in them. Why French baths? No idea - its the L.upron talking.

Happy almost weekend folks :-)


  1. Enjoy your lovely bath treats! What a wonderful DH you've got there! And yes, as I was told by my doctor, "Babies like fat" - she was concerned last fall that I was exercising too much and, like your doctor, suggested that I cut back. So it sounds like your instincts to eat to maintain and to modify your exercise routine are right on. I hope AF arrives soon (and if she's seen mine anywhere, let me know!)

  2. That was the sweetest thing that your DH bought you a lovely gift pack. I think if you bathe with those scrubs and lotions and such, you will surely entice AF to show up. Don't overdo on the exercise, but good that you are still dedicated. Tomorrow I'm going to work the way you did today..."relaxed" looking! Happy weekend!