Monday, August 10, 2009


Little cat has something near her incision site. Freaked me out. She is eating and sleeping and biting if you annoy her, which is all good. The VA will assess her at 12 and then let me know if we have to go back to the f**king hospital. Oh god please don't let this be anything.

I am a little all over the place emotionally. One minute I am OK and then wham! anxiety. Totally normal I assume given we are going into our last pass cycle, cat is still sick and the bad news this weekend. Deep breath. Smile (apparently our brains can get tricked by our muscles). I feel like I am slowing down - moving in slow motion. I wish we could just go to a beach somewhere and forget everything for a week.

I think I start L.upron on Thursday. The start of the donor egg cycle. WOW. We have decided that DH will drop off a sample so we have some backup if needed. Although, he has lost 15 pounds so I'm hoping that has a beneficial effect on his lads.

Oh please let this work. Please give us a break and let this all just work out. Let it be uneventful and smooth. Let it work. Please.

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  1. Wow, starting lupron Thursday! Yay! That means you're just weeks away from transfer. And I know your prayers and pleadings, sent forth into the universe, will be heard and heeded this time. The planets are now aligned! Props to both you and your DH for your weight loss. I sure hope kitty is going to be okay. Poor thing, it's one problem after another.