Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fert report - updated

I asked CornL to clarify
We got 11 of our donors eggs (shared cycle). 3 were immature and 5 fertilized. They are not disappointed with this number although the nurse said the immaturity rate is a little high but it's a fluke, it happens. Am I disappointed? Of course! I dreamt of 10 eggs, which we might have got if the immaturity rate wasn't so high. But I expected that we would be the unlucky 2% that get none so this is a happy compromise! Also, my DH sperm is really crappy with low count, bad morphology, lots of debris, slow etc. So we were expecting to get told that we had 11 eggs and none fertilized.

we transfer 2 and, hopefully, keep 3.

Trying not to be the kid that gets the pony for Christmas only to cry coz it's not the color she wants. I get to have eggs to implant which makes me very, very lucky.


Written whilst waiting for FERT report: My heart is racing. It 10.47am and the hospital said they will call between 11-12am. I am thinking all sorts of things. Corn-L made it clear that we were not to expect anything to freeze. Apparently they have a high standard, yada yada. This, of course, makes the FERT report even more anxiety laden. I imagine couples are getting calls with 'hey, your donor had 20395205 eggs and they all fertilized' but for us, I am expecting 'so, it wasn't what we hoped for ..."

It's now 11.05am.
it's now 1130am


She had 11 eggs.
3 were immature (sounds high to me but whatever) and ....

... I have forgotten the rest! Seriously! I have forgotten what the nurse said. All I know is that we have more than 2 and either 5 more or 3 more. I emailed my nurse for her to tell me the news again!

Anyhow - we have 2 to transfer on Friday or Sunday and probably some frosties!! PHEW.


  1. hip hip HURRAY! eight is great! and having the possibilty of frozen embies is even better. how cool! :)
    now go buy some fresh pineapple and get psyched for the big day.

    (were they surprised at 11 eggs from a donor? just curious.)

  2. Well if there were 8 mature I'm guessing that means you have 4 (4 for each couple)....unless you meant that all 11 were yours. I'm confused. Either way praying for all strong embryos.

  3. Yay! Five is a great number. Here's hoping for strong growth and an easy transfer! Love,

  4. Great news! Looking forward to your future updates!

  5. I don't know stats on this, but 5 embies sound great. praying that you get to transfer two and have 3 for another try ....make that next try in another 9+ months :)

  6. So it sounds like you have 11 out of however many eggs there were. Three were too small, and 3 didn't make it, which left you with 5. I know you're disappointed, but don't be. These are not 40 year old eggs...they are fresh young thangs! Lest not forget you still might end up with twins if you transfer 2! As memory has it, were you or were you not debating whether to transfer 1 or 2? And were you or were you not a little frightened at the prospects of having twins?! What on earth were you planning to do with 10 fertilized eggs? In all seriousness, do you really think that you'll want more than 2 children? Five is plenty! You'll have more in reserve than you'll even use on transfer day!

    So raise the last glass of vino that you'll be allowed to enjoy for the next nine months (unless you plan to breast feed!), have a rich and chocolaty fat witch brownie and toast to the last few childless days that you and DH will have together! Yay!!!!!


  7. (MMM here - Open ID still not working)
    Celebration is in order! Eleven in a shared cycle is AMAZING!!!! I think you should be over the moon - that is as many as I got in a "solo" cycle! And five embies is great - AND sometimes you get one or two more (not to get your hopes up - but sometimes...) the next day.

    Praying your quints hang in there for transfer, live it UP the next couple days!

  8. Woohoo! Five! That's awesome! Reminds me of mekate...I hope it's a very auspicious number for both of you! Sending you lots of positive energy!!!

  9. Five babies! I know you wanted at least eighteen or fifty-seven, but I will take the liberty to remind you that we too had five embies. It was enough. So you just think about those precious little ones working hard to grow and multiply and you will be there soon to take 2 of them home with you! I'm so happy that your babes are AT LAST in the dish! And soon with their mom. Mum? You! Now please tell me that after the transfer you are lying in bed for at least 3 days. I don't want to hear that you are going to work right away to do stressful things. Okay? Okay.

  10. I'm so happy for you! 5 is a great number! Best of luck to you! xoxo