Wednesday, September 9, 2009

40cc's baby - BRING IT!

Well, my head feels like there is someone with a razor blade slowly slicing my brain off. But if it means I can go to transfer I will take it.

DH and I discussed the consolation prize vacation (what happens if the cycle doesn't work) and DH told me he doesn't think he can get the time off. This translates to, I want to keep my time off for the trips I want to take for my photography. He also said he would 'send me' on holiday. Two things makes me laugh about this. I would be paying for said holiday and big whoop.

So, where to go and what to do solo. Never had a problem with solo travel but I think this is not going to be that kind of vacation. It will be an emotional vacation. I was thinking of going to a spa, somewhere hot. Or sunny at least (I ought to go to the UK to see my folks but that is not a healthy get away). I could learn to surf. I could go to a women's only learning to surf for old people class on the other coast somewhere (that's you K and BWUB). Or go to a ranch. I love horses and riding and all that equestrian stuff. I also think being around animals will be healing. I know, I'm a hippy.

I shall think about it at some other time. Like never, coz THIS CYCLE WILL BE THE ONE

This afternoon - cat goes for a check up at the vets. I hope they take the damn tube out since she chewed through the stopper last night. Poor thing has a paperclip on it now!! Think happy thoughts for us.


  1. Well, of course this cycle will be the one. But I'm all about back up plans myself. That said, you are welcome at my home any time. Plenty of room and 3 cats too! Speaking of which, happy to hear kitty is doing better!

  2. I was thinking of you today - at my last cat's checkup with the vet, they found she has a broken tooth (!) and a lot of tartar, so today, I dropped her off for surgery to remove the tooth and do a dentistry appointment. Poor girl - I had to cut off her food and water last night since they put her to sleep, and I will pick her up this afternoon with pain meds. :(

    If you're thinking of a spa in the US, I would highly recommend Canyon Ranch in Arizona. I've been to the one in Mass several times (I'm an east coast girl) and it is fabulous, especially if you love to work out and want to keep your eating reasonable!

    But hopefully, there will be no consolation vacation since your cycle will proceed as planned and work!!

  3. Well I hope you don't have to go on a solo trip because that means the cycle will work. However if you must - take a cruise!! I took a cruise to the Mexican Riveria last December and it was fabulous. I went with my sister-in-law, but would have been perfectly happy all by myself.

    Sorry I've been MIA for a week - been on vacation in northern Michigan. Quite the roller coaster you've had with your lining and stuff - hope it all works out!

  4. damn, I should have thought about a consolation prize vacation. That's a good idea. I sure need something to lift me out of the crappy mood I've been in for the last month.

  5. Having a Plan B is always good, but I'm focusing on Plan A. This is going to work. I can feel it!!

  6. I was reading along, thinking: wait a minute, she's already planning cycle failure. But then you came through. That's my girl. The all caps "THIS CYCLE WILL BE THE ONE!" Even with EL slicing through your brain you're keeping the faith!

    A solo vaca isn't so fun. You need a girlfriend, warm weather and beverages. Lots and lots of beverages. But maybe sometime next year after the baby is born. :)