Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Part 1.1 & Part 1.2

Since I shall have to wait for the 2 calls from Cornell today I shall post in parts.

1. got to the clinic and there were no seats left. Now to put this into perspective this is a full quarter floor of a hospital. We were standing in the aisles and sitting on the coffee tables.
Go in for b/w. wait 30 mins to be told I don't need b/w. Have u/s. Told to go have b/w. Arhghghg.

2. Lining is over 8. Sigh. Stopped bleeding so no more shedding going to happen.
Possible outcomes:
a) cancel the cycle
b) double up the lupro.n and continue the cycle. oh. my. god.
c) wait for Dr to call back with another alternative.

I am kinda over all the ambiguity going on. I called my Dr and left the following message
"Hi, this is EB. After a few weeks of u/s and b/w I am getting conflicting information from your staff about whether I am going forward with this cycle. As you can imagine this is frightening and annoying. Would you be so kind as to call me back to clarify? Many thanks"

Polite and yet, to the point.

Now call me back before I rip your fucking head off.

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