Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Part 2.1

Apparently my lining is "going up and down like a yoyo". Nurse thought that was funny.

and ladies... I am now going to be on Evil.L.upron TWICE A DAY.

Has there every been a case of murder by l.upron??

My estrogen is rising, my lining is increasing so they want to super suppress me and try to thin the lining down further. How is this possible? You got me. No idea.

Will I get cancelled? The jury is still out. My donor doesn't start till the 14th which the nurse thought was a good sign.

I am going to give in and go along. All I have to do is get past the next few days with 40cc's of l.upron in my system per day.

Incredible hulk anyone???

My Dr hasn't phoned me back. So I guess she ain't talkin'


  1. Oh my god. Didn't ever do 40 of EL. Did 20, but that was horrific. I'm so sorry you are having to double up on that CRAP and be in limbo at the same time. Is your trip still on? Any change to your itinerary?

  2. Geez that sucks about your lining fluctuations! I really hope they can slow it down enough so you can go ahead with the cycle. It's completely sucky to be answerless and wondering. Hope they call you soon.

  3. WOW! That's a lot of lupron. Should I avoid your part of Manhattan? ;-)

  4. You poor woman. It's like your nightmare has just DOUBLED. I hope it works and your lining is suppressed all the way to South America! Well, maybe you should keep a journal of all your thoughts and then write a book, because the title "Murder by Lupron" is great. I just hope that after all this your transfer stays on schedule.

  5. Here's hoping the larger amount of EL doesn't affect you - at least mentally! Of course it need to do its job and get your lining "in line"...hahaha.

    I was thinking it is too bad you can't really do an evil laugh on the computer - I have a vision of you stalking Manhattan with a crazed look going


    Perhaps I'm still coming down off the general A? Hmmmm - good luck anyway!

  6. I wasn't aware lining could be too thick. That liupron dose is evil. Thinking great thoughts for you