Monday, September 14, 2009

Morning Monday UPDATE!!

YES!!! My Donor starts stimming today for a 10 day stim. Which means we are even closer than I thought. maybe the 29th September ( 5 day transfer).
2 patches and 2 injections (I can take it!)
-It is hard getting up really early on a Monday, isn't it. So my lining is at 10 ish even on 40cc of EL. I have three or so humongous follies on the right (e2 low so no eggs in that basket). I await further instructions but I am praying they say come down on the EL. I have started taking an anti-anxiety drug coz my anxiety levels on this stuff go through the roof.

I was chatting to my therapist this am and she was talking about how to get your kids into a good high school in NYC. A little premature - non?? And as for quitting coffee today. Well, lets just say tomorrow would be better ;-)

So my donor starts stimming today. YIPEE. At least that is plan. Maybe I shouldn't rejoice until I know for sure. Ya.
Not Big News yet.

keep your fingers crossed.


  1. So excited for "not quite big news"! Will be checking back later.

    Be gentle with yourself about the coffee. I cut myself off too (after transfer) but in your hormone riddled state one cup of caffeine more or less is not going to make a difference - especially since the embies aren't even yet! Great idea to step it down, but wait til tomorrow (or so). Thinking of you.

  2. YAY And I think this is very big news!!! Yay donor stims!
    I hope you can cease the EL soon, so sorry it sucks such big rocks.
    hang in there EB, september will be whooshing by.

  3. Yippee for 10 day stim schedule! Then retrieval, then fert, then....transfer! This is great news! And that means that they CAN'T keep you on EL too much longer. And I don't see that you need to worry about choosing a high school just yet. :)

  4. I'm thinking of positive thoughts for you. Once the stimming starts it goes very quickly

  5. how great is this news?! awesome!
    sending TONS and TONS of great stim vibes your way!

  6. Great news on the update. Won't be long now!