Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hot flashes and hair loss

I must have lost half my head of hair on EL. And it gives me hot flashes too.
So, weigh in day +1 pound. I am not too bothered to be honest. On 40 cc EL I expected more. As long as next week I am at or lower than today's weight = all good.
The preparation plan for next week is
1. stop off coffee completely. As you know, this is torture for me but has to be done. So I will go to a decaf middle size for 5 days. Then small for 5 days. Then every other day etc. Ah coffee. I am so sorry my old friend.
2. Increase veggie intake. I have noticed that I am not eating enough veggie's these days. I am sick of salad so I need to find something else. I adore roasted veggies so maybe that is the next one.
3. Water. I used to be diligent about drinking water and then all of a sudden I stopped.
4. Walking workouts. I will try to get to the gym for a walk. This is hard since my day starts really early and ends really late this week.

Excited about the less than 3 weeks scenario.


  1. One pound really isn't much when you consider what you've been through the last couple of weeks. I too have a hard time drinking enough water and eating enough veggies. It's hard to pack broccoli for lunch, you know? But you've got a plan of attack and that's half the battle. I was looking at my calendar, btw, and thinking that your transfer should be during the first week of October...right? Ah...nothing like an embryo transfer on a NY autumn day!

  2. I'm excited that you are in the final countdown! Autumn is my favorite time too - it is beautiful here and finally nice enough to sit out on the deck w/o mosquitoes! I'm glad you are cutting yourself a break for the one pound. You are hormonally unstable! Are they telling you not to exercise now?! I am just surprised as my clinic (which, as we know has had NO success with me!) didn't care what I did until transfer. But since you are having lining issues that could be the difference. Best of luck - thinking of you!