Monday, September 28, 2009

Laughable - update....

As of now - I AM OFF LUPRON. I MADE IT. New York Marathon -ha! I laugh in your face - try four weeks of high dosage pee.

Oh they never disappoint.

Get to hospital at 6.30am. The private side is closed. OK. The public side is open and I wonder over.

"Hi. Donor Embryo blood" I whisper from behind my big dark glasses and trench coat. She looks at me with such a sublime blank look. She slips her gaze to the electronic signing in machine. OK, I think. Not so sure this is right but hey..!

"where do I sit"

she slips her eyes to the general waiting area.

She has NO CLUE what I am talking about. NONE. I do sit for a moment then walk to the special doors - the doors that hide the nursing staff and have a mythical force that stops the patients walking through. Somewhere inside me I hear a voice "they are incompetent... don't trust them".

With the voice in my ears I push through the double doors and the piano player stops playing, the chatter hushes and all eyes turned to me.

"Hi, donor embryo blood?"

No movement, not a hair. 12 nurses or staff or whatever all blankly looking at me. reminds me of a herd of sheep when you ask them directions to a village.

"My donor triggered last night"

Ahhhhh, recognition spread across their faces.

"follow me dear" says a very odd looking nurse. She looks at her desk, flips through a mound of paper, hands me a set of written instructions and I go to get my b/w and u/s done. All is well, by the way.

I mean could it be less of a show do you think? I know there was three other couples waiting in the public room!! All they needed to do was to say - go to the waiting room, tell a nurse you are in the donor program and we will do the rest.

Jill asked me if I was going to write a letter to my donor. I don't know. I am in two minds. Not sure if she would get it or if the hospital discourages it. More importantly I have no idea what I would write. 'Thank you' of course. But what else?? Does she want to hear from me? Is the letter really a way of processing this all? What do you guys think?


  1. Sorry openID doesn't seem to be working - this is Jill at MMM

    What a fiasco! This from one of the finest clinics in the land. At least they got you in.

    RE the letter, my nurse coordinator actually mentioned it to us, if they haven't said anything maybe it's not the done thing at C.nell. I gave mine to the NC the day of retrieval (with my little gift) and she gave it to the donor (I suppose, maybe the nurses have a real racket going on...)

    I'm sure if you want you could still give it to your NC cuz the donor comes back for B/W a couple more times. Beyond the thank you I put some info about us - nothing identifying, similar to her bio stuff but not nearly as long. More thanking, how she's allowing us to fulfill a dream and blah blah blah. The first time I was just sobbing when I did it, and I had this beautiful necklace MADE with her birthstone (fortunately an agate). Also a big fuzzy bathrobe. Sort of overboard. Second time (with different donor) I got a cute little knick knack frog that you put earrings of tiny thing in, much more reasonable. The 2nd donor had said she liked quirky. Who knows. Supposedly the girls here just don't get paid much ($4K to them). If you don't mind posting I'm very curious what C.nell charges for DE (here it is 9K - 4 to donor, 3 to clinic and 2 for drugs, which can vary). Sorry I'll stop blabbing on now - can't wait to hear how your girl did!

  2. that sounds so clandestine.....why such a production? i guess so everyone remains anonymous? well then maybe have a better system? or a system? well....glad all is well, fingers crossed for you ;)

  3. gawd....what is it with Corn.ell? You have had your share of running around with them. But, it sounds like all is coming to the finish line very soon! Can't wait for the'll be knocked up shortly!

  4. #1 YAY for no more lupron! Welcome back to your right mind!
    #2 I'm SO glad you wore the dark glasses and trench coat. Even if they didn't know what you were talking about, you were sexy and mysterious.
    #3 Great news that your b/w and u/s are good. This many days till transfer?
    #4 Donor letter. Hm. I never wrote one. I imagine myself sitting with a blank mind in front of a blank sheet of paper. Besides, egg donors here get in the neighborhood of $12 for a donation. I think she would KNOW how grateful you are forking over that kind of cash. But I'd say go with your gut.

  5. is is indeed a zoo over there. there has got to be a better system.

    I might write a short note in a card and give the donor a small gift. but that's just me.

    I can't wait to hear the great fert report!