Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunny Sunday - update

Lining is still too thick. 6.9. I go in on Tuesday morning for another u/s and if the lining doesn't go under 5 then there is a discussion about this "not being my month".
Not being my month?? I have no idea what that means financially. I have a vague idea what that means emotionally. I do know that it totally fucks up my work schedule.
Can't believe this is happening.

Good Morning one and all. It's early and sunny and I just had a large coffee from the Belgian bakery. YUM.

So, back to Cornell this am. Dr Z (he did one of my retrievals, hi again DR Z) was surprised I was worried. This would be funny if it wasn't so totally and utterly unfunny. No problem with a thick lining, he told me, the problem is the timing. My donor hasn't started stimming yet. I am at 6.8 or something like that, with an E2 of 34. Low estrogen, thick lining. They are worried that if I estrogen pump my lining will be over the productive phase by the time they implant.

At last, some information that I can use. He is confident I will be going through to transfer, which means sweet FA as far as I am concerned. I shall ask the body on the end of the phone today for the same reassurances. Then I shall leave my request with Dr C for a detailed report on my case.
Question oh internetee wise ones... what effect do the estrogen patches have? I know they raise your e2 levels. But I am wondering if they chemically contradict the effects of Evil Lupr.on? Will I feel less irritable and tired?

How do I feel? Tired. Lower levels of anxiety. I am extremely pleased that the office is closed tomorrow so I can sleep in and then work out. I need to walk and swim, just to feel relaxed. I wonder if my swimming costume fits? I am also getting a sports massage tomorrow since my neck is killing me and my back muscles are so tight.

I am homesick today. I would like to see my crazy family. My Pa.ddington Bear dad in his 200 yr old trousers. My fussy mum with her herbal remedies. My hilarious nephew. My blustery sibling. I would like to see the deep green, rolling hills that I grew up in. I would love to smell the dirt of the country lane. I would love to have some Shepard's Pie, my mum's lasagna (the best in the world) and some English jam cake. And a real cup of tea with English milk. Ah man. The milk here (and please forgive me) sucks. It has sugar and is boiled or something. My ma gets her milk from the farm - fresh from the cow. Oh I am homesick indeed.


  1. sweetie, I know jack shit about linings and estrogen (but I would think it will help counteract the lupron)- and hope that this all works out for you (you deserve some seriously smooth sailing here)- but I know MUCH about fresh milk having grown up with a cow, and yes
    there is milk and there is Milk. and
    I am sorry for your homesickness too.

    Longing can be lovely but it can also suck rocks. Hope you can make yours into delicious anticipation of an as-yet-to-be-scheduled visit, rather than the kind that tortures.

    Hang in there
    dang lupron,


  2. Hi dear - get the milk you want; it's not home, but it might make things a little nicer.
    (deliveries of raw ff milk in nyc)

    Love to you,


  3. I'm just glad Dr. Z gave you some real facts about where you and your lining stand. I can't stand the ole "hide the ball" game as though you're not entitled to know what's happening and what it means for your cycle.

    I don't know if the estrogen counteracts the EL, but soon you should be going off the EL anyway, right?

    I love the description of your longing. The food, the green hills, the smell of dirt. The things from our youth that are indelibly imprinted upon our souls. I hope you find some similar items you can enjoy until you can next visit your family.

  4. I love unpasteurized milk, and Paddington Bear. you describe it, it made me homesick for a place that is not even my home. Can't help you on the patches, yet. I start mine later this cycle, hopefully.

  5. I wish I could help you with the patch info. But I am not yet on Lupron and havn't used the patch (just the blue who-ha pill).

    I am homesick for your wonderful place just from your exquisite description. I loved English milk. When I hit 40 and didn't have a family yet, we got air tickets and spent my birthday with MrBeep in London. I want to go back again and again. The food was marvelous, the cheese, the milk the tea. I buy my tea imported from Taylors of Harrogate online because I can't stand our pencil shavings. I have a cup of Scottish Breakfast on my work table right now. I am holding it up in a toast to your good health and success for this cycle. All the best--Traci.

  6. I hope you can try the delivered cow milk - maybe it will be closer to what you miss! So glad the doc was level with you about what's going on with your lining. I hate the mysterious unhelpful non-answers we so often get. I wouldn't take estrogen patches unless you got them ok'd by the doc - you have so many hormones flying around who knows what that could do (hopefully something good!)

    Best of luck, I know it seems like forever with your donor not even stimming yet! But you are making huge progress and every day you are closer to a baby.

  7. Best of luck to you. I hope all is OK at your appointment. Being delayed sucks.

  8. Hey EB -- thinking of you today and hoping that things go well tomorrow. At the office; hope you're not. With love,