Friday, September 18, 2009

Gooooooood morning

Hello there friends. I am on three patches, one pill of estra,ce and feeling great!! Ahhhh the wonders of our chemical friends. I also had fabo acupuncture yesterday and that always helps. Still have to do the x2 injections but the estrogen has balanced most of the depression.

I spoke with a nurse from Dr C's office yesterday. The donor is doing very well. Before we celebrate I guess I should confess my scepticism of the hospital reporting system. Yet, no bad news is good news so we can do a little 'Yay!' for that.

And it is Friday. Yeeeeehhhaaaa!!!!!!!! I am so excited about eating tomorrow. We have planned a day of BBQ and Lasagna. Oh yes, women of the world, a double header of unhealthy goodies. And I shall eat them even if I have gained weight coz I know I have lost body mass. I am bloated like a puffer fish but I am know that's Lup.ron. Food glorious fooooooood.

And on another tangent (how much of that good coffee did I drink this am) the really noisy guy that sits down the hall from me and yells, screams, laughs and usually at the top of his lungs had the cahooners to ask my staff to quiet down!!!! I mean shit man, have you any idea the whole heap of pain you have just opened up on yourself. I am going to really enjoy crushing this guy. Where's the EL - I should do a shot before I go in! Ah blood sports.

Have a great Friday one and all.


  1. LOL about the EL before blood sports! It just makes me weepy. I decided to give it a WTF and start drinking a cup of coffee again (1 per day). Makes this whole waiting this more human. Thinking good thoughts for you!

  2. You sound great today! Feisty and excited and chomping at the bit. Glad to hear the donor is doing well, the meds are okay and coffee - sweet coffee - is doing its part to keep you going. As for the big mouth down the hall, I had one of those at my last office. One day as he crowed and ranted and carried on eversoloudly, I walked down the hall to his office, peeked in, scowled and pulled his door shut, making a motion that clearly said, "You're being too loud." He came and apologized later. I just said, "No problem. I'll just come shut your door when you're being loud." It was effective.

    Happy Friday to you, and enjoy the food plunge. It sounds delicious!

  3. Lupron made me really really manic, not depressed. It was interesting. Sounds like you are doing good!

  4. So glad the extra patches are helping! You're really on the way now. Love,