Thursday, September 10, 2009

EL hell & follies galore

Ya, it's bad. Painful, actually. My body is swollen -puffed up like a puffer fish. This morning I couldn't get the damn needle in! Had the actually stab myself. Nice way to start a day. I feel like I am swimming through water and the hunger... oh man. I am sticking to my regular food routine coz it's the only way to navigate the food cravings.

This morning an unknown doctor stuffed the cam up me and proclaimed "wow look at that".
Normally I would have bolted up, shown interest and engaged the knowledge man. This morning however I sighed and said "wha?"

My left ovary is suppressed. My right ovary, however, has blown up like a balloon. Tons of follies and large ones at that. Oh the irony.

"looks like you are sensitive to the medication"

No shit sherlock!

When I left the exam room he was showing the results to another nameless medicine man and they both looked confused and excited. Not something that filled me with calm. I await instructions but need to get more Lupron. I have 2 needles left. That means I have been taking this shit for over 3 weeks now.

On the life is good side of the list: My RE doc phoned me yesterday and assured me all was well, not a problem, not thinking of canceling and didn't know why the nurse would suggest that. She was lovely - attentive, calm, informative and strategic. I am pleased she's my doc.

AND... my cat got a clean bill of health. She is cured. YIPEEEE. As I write she is having her tube removed. Oh my little one is fine. HUGE relief. Hopefully she will be off meds too.


  1. So very happy for kitty!! not sure what to say about the follies, hmmmm....eagerly awaiting your next post!

  2. Geez, was beginning to thing maybe you should be doing another IVF...but then everything sounds ok. Very happy to hear kitty is well again. Very happy.

  3. what a flippin' roller coaster! geez.
    sorry about the puffiness but very happy about kitty!


  4. I never knew it was possible to have one ovary respond by suppression and the other respond by...well...puffing up with follies. I hope you get good news, that they can modify your meds and get things under control. Sorry you have to walk around feeling puffy and hungry and a bit crazed. I am, however, really happy to hear that Cat is better and her tube is coming out. Kitty cuddles all around!