Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just in time

2 patches make all the world of difference. I am much more balanced and less ferocious. And it is just in time since i have to sit in long ass meetings with people I don't like for the rest of the month. Lucky for those slobs I will not eat their liver with some nice fava beans.

OK coffee addiction. Yesterday I was given some Blue Door coffee beans from SF. The best tasting coffee this side of heaven. So of course, I made a pot this morning but I only had 1 cup (1 very large cup) which is fine. I decided to have my one cup since I am not growing eggs and see what happens post transfer. I mean, hell. I don't drink, smoke, I diet and I am on evil drugs. Give me a break (and I have just flicked balsamic salad dressing in my eye coz I am typing and eating at the same time). In the back of my mind, underneath the old boxes of photo's and video's I hear a little voice saying - if you don't give up the coffee completely we will not let you get pregnant. I am crazy.

My next Cornel.l visit is Thursday and maybe they will tell me to go to 1 injection. I glorious tiny teeny injection?? Oh a girl can dream.

This time next month I might have a bun in the oven. Or a tiny microscopic bean, really. I am very excited about the last 100 yards. I am excited because although we didn't wait nearly as long as some others we are ready, oh so ready, for this to work.


  1. Awwww, come on an eat their livers. I want to read the "crazy infertile woman kills 6 in conference room, blames lupron" article in the NY times. That one made me grin. Thanks and enjoying your one cup seems pretty reasonable to me. Hoping that next month that bun is baking!

  2. Thanks for you kind comments on the Liam blog, EB. I appreciate it.

    So excited that you are getting so close! For what it's worth I drank 1 cup of coffee (about) a day all through IVF and pregnancy. Maybe it wasn't the best idea (I've read studies about miscarrige that make me wonder), but at the time I figured: it's only one cup; my doc says it's fine; and I just can do every flippen thing all the time especially with no coffee. Love to you,

  3. I'm so glad your poor hormones are lining up! Hard to believe what we put ourselves through. I did one cup a day but I think you really have to go with your gut and whatever your doc is saying, in my heart it just doesn't seem like the caffeine in one cup is going to make the difference, especially if it makes for a saner mama! But that's me. DId you try the swimming?

  4. I say drink the coffee and enjoy up until transfer!

  5. Hello there, I just found your blog and you're in my Goo.gle Reader now! My path has been so similar to yours: 4 failed IUIs, IVF BFN, a couple of late 1st trimester losses to dig the knife in a little deeper. We're pondering our options now, DE is a very likely destination.

    Thank goodness for blogs and bloggers, it helps so much to follow someone else's journey. Before blogs, I think we'd feel very alone in this.

    I'm wishing you the very best of luck and will be rooting you on from the sidelines!

    p.s. You're funny.

  6. You're so funny...if only those people knew you were eyeing their livers and considering a nice vegetable to go with them. Hee hee hee. Please convince yourself that a wee bit (or one big cup) of coffee isn't going to make or break anything. Allow yourself something of comfort. I still drink 1/2 cup coffee in the morning (with lots of milk so it feels like a full cup) and I often drink a cafeinated soda in the afternoon. Plus chocolate. I know some people swear it off like liquor or cigarettes, but to each her own.