Friday, September 4, 2009

Day On

Back at my modular desk. Frikkin hate modular furniture. In my last office I had a desk that was used by Bobby Kennedy. I was given it by an old politico and it made me tear up when he gave me it and sob when I had to leave it to move into HQ.

Back to Cor.nell this am. Same doc as before (everything looks fine, 5 follies on each side. Ay ay ay) so I read my paper and ignored him. He had Igor the med student with him who said 'hi' to me. I motioned him to stand at my shoulder. I'm paying $20K on top of all the moneys I have given Cor.nell. Learn on someone else buddy. Of course, I wouldn't have had any objections if the doctor had ASKED ME permission for the student to be in the room, as is the patient bill of right states. But hey.

Lining is 7.3 I think. or 7.8. I asked whether a thick lining is a problem for DE transfer 'Oh no' he says. Yeah, OK, why bother even asking. One day I want to sit in the exam room and wait for the Doctor to walk in. Hi, I shall say. I think since you guys have spent an entire year up my yoo hoo with nada to show for it, it's my turn. Drop your trousers. Oh and this is my admin assistant - she needs to learn, now bend over.

WHEN I get preggers from this procedure (thanks for kick up the arse BWUB) I will be totally grateful to get the belly u/s stage. I tell you, there is nothing more effective as a natural birth control as having a wand repeatedly up your yoo hoo at 7 am in the morning for a year. That and injecting the pee of post-menopausal women into your belly. Fun of the game.
Yes, one year. ONE YEAR I have been under their care. So that means two years of treatment. Two pregnancy's no live births. YET. This is the time. This is my time. This is the one. or Two.

I'll update when Corn.ell calls.


  1. Hah! Can you just imagine the day the Stirrup Queens revolt?! You totally made me smile today, and I have not been in a smiley mood. Thanks!

  2. LOl, thanks for the chuckle....praying this is the one. or two :)

  3. Happy to kick you in the arse any time! :)

    Yeah, I love the idea of revenge against all those wand-weilding men. Those who cavalierly peek under the paper napkin. Those who don't knock before entering the room. Those who never bother to introduce themselves before reaching for the hoo-hoo. Those who jab the wand a little too hard. I tell you, I'll volunteer to wand their prostates!

    Good for you for bumping Igor out of the line of sight. Even for learning purposes, he didn't need a hoo-hoo gander. What was on the screen was the learning media.

    I just wish they'd give you more information about (1) why the follies (2) why the lining didn't thin right down with your period and (3) what this means for your cycle and should they be changing up your meds.

  4. this is indeed YOUR turn! your time for 1 or 2.

    it IS going to happen! :)

  5. Oh yeah. Made me laugh. Out loud. Would love to shove lots of things up a lot of people.

  6. You're hilarious! Yes, I think if med students get access to our yoo hoos we should get steeeeep discounts! And hell yes, if anyone's listening up there, it's EB's turn! Then MeKate, then K, then Phoebe, then Fran, then me, then everyone else! And make it snappy 'cause we don't have all day!

  7. I loved your post, it made me smile at the end of a blue week.