Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wait weight

Up 2 pounds this week, which given that I have been stuffing my face ain't so bad. At one point this week I was up 9 pounds but the next morning I went back down again. These drugs are weird man.

Cold is moving through nicely. I now have a super annoying cough and keep falling asleep. In fact, most of our household seems to be asleep at various points during today.

No word from Corn.ell yet. Nail biting time, this waiting. I have decided to take my original time off work (3 days) PLUS 2 more - oh yes, I am a rebel with a cause. Wonder how our Donor is doing? That poor kid has many follies (i hope) over 13. I can't imagine how much pain she is in. Or how emotionally unstable she is! All that estrogen.

I think it's time for a cup of tea and some honey for my cough. Have a great weekend y'all.


  1. I'm glad you're taking the slight weight gain in stride. Two pounds ain't no big whoop. You've got other things to focus on right getting better and those brewing eggs! Hopefully you're starting to shed the virus and you'll be feeling better in a few days. I'm sure your donor is doing just fine and maybe C'nell will call you soon to let you know (who knows, they could surprise you).

  2. You sound great! Nice and positive! I'm so excited for you, my friend! Time off work = fabulous! Go rebel you!!! This is too important! Hope you hear from Corn.ell soon!!!!

  3. Would be nice if they would keep you informed, but I suppose they will let you know when to show up! So frustrating, but it will be over soon and you'll be an embie hotel in a FEW DAYS!!! Are you planning to write a letter to your donor? Obviously she is getting paid but many people give a thank you letter/card (and at my clinic they actually encourage gifts) Usually you have to do this at the retrieval.

    Thinking of you - can't wait to hear how it goes!