Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday mornings

Still in my PJ's reading the NYT and drinking decaf coffee. Cat on one side, snuggling as close as she can get and a breeze coming in.... ahhhhhhhhh.

I had a total breakdown last night. I felt all wound up, over tired etc. Got back from the movies around 10 and went to the kitchen and inadvertently stepped on little cat's foot (male cat). His scream made me freeze (on his foot) instead of jumping off it.

I calmly walked after him, into the bedroom. He hid away from me. Miss kitty came running in to make sure he was OK and they sat there, looking at me. I lay on the floor and avoided eye contact and just started bawling. Of course the event had upset me but it was all my pent up frustration, fear and anxiety just bubbling over. DH panicked a bit, thinking I was sinking into a fugue! I had a long hard cry and felt much better.
I have noted that the evenings are really hard on 40 cc's of EL. Much harder than any of the other cycles. Hopefully they will tell me to reduce it after my clinic visit tomorrow.

This morning I got up a little late to do the morning injection and felt totally pooped. Went straight back to bed. I think I need to take the next couple of weeks as easy as I can (ha!). So far I haven't managed to get to the gym. The idea of exercising with all the bone ache I have is not appealing. Maybe I should go swimming instead. I could even fit it in at lunchtimes.

Hope you all have a happy and relaxing Sunday.


  1. T
    EL is such a hard drug to deal with. So many people report all sorts of crazy side effects. I had to use it for a long period of time, but my side effects were very minimal. I guess I was lucky, but I kept waiting for the bomb to drop at any time. You sound like you are handling it pretty well (relatively speaking). Hang in there, your transfer will be here before you know it. Enjoy this beautiful day!

    P.S. So happy to hear that Kitty has recovered! I knew she would, her mom's a fighter!

  2. Ugh... I'm so sorry for the hormonal hell. You're doing the best you can and kitty will forgive you. You'll be past it all soon and on to better things!

  3. Be careful if you do exercise...remember that EL weakens bones. Don't go and fracture something, eh. I think I would have cried too, having the kitties looking at you like that. But I did have myself a good emotional cry this weekend anyway. I think the emotional, hormonal rollercoaster is taking lots of us for a ride these days. Good idea to try taking it easy for as long as you can. Hang in there.