Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Retrieval Day

So this is it. Retrieval. One big ass milestone day. DH went in this morning and did his manly duty!! How ironic that through all of this work and emotion the actual physical contribution from our manly men is to jack off. Oh yes, and tirelessly support his chemically induced 'mad as cheese' wife.

We won't get the FERT report until tomorrow - they wait to see how many eggs do the dance of joy with my husbands sperm. Please let us get at least 2. Please.

Then Thursday I go in for b/w and we hear whether it's a 3 day (Friday) or 5 day (Sunday) transfer. I am shaking right now, shaking as I write those words. Transfer.

We had couples therapy last night. This is something we have done since we met, way before we got married. Neither one of us has family - his died and mine are not capable of grown up support, so we decided that the therapy would be vital for long term happiness. An impartial and trained ear. It has worked wonders.
Anyway, last night, we were explaining what happens this week and after. I asked DH if he wanted me to NOT POAS and why. He explained that PUPO was better emotionally for us as a couple and, in his opinion, my body. All the stress of 'not yet' or 'oh no' etc would flood my body with chemicals (he has a chemistry degree). His biggest reason was that after all the work we have both been through (ahem) he wanted to enjoy PUPO for as long as we can. The pregnancy test is scheduled for October 12th. I'm no maths whiz but I worked out that is 10 days from Sunday. 10 DAYS!!!!

I promised DH I would not POAS. I will keep my promise even though it means I have to rethink my approach to the next two weeks. I am a sticker for keeping promises. I want my husband to know that even though I have all the opportunity in the world to 'cheat' I will not. Even though it would satisfy an urge the size of America! The other cycles I ignored his request. Now, I will not. I will not POAS in secret.

So, my dearest friends (and that is indeed how I see you sage women) thank you for everything over this past cycle. I know the mountain of work has yet to come but you have supported me unconditionally for the past 4 weeks with generosity and affection. This cycle was far harder emotionally and chemically than any of the others and without you I would have done an Ophelia. I am forever, in your debt.


  1. What a sweet post. I am SO excited for you! This is it! Everything you've waited and worked for is finally here. YAYYYYY!!!! So pg tests are scheduled 14 days after retrieval (so the 2ww mystery is really only like 9 or 11 days depending on transfer day.) And, my DH requested I not POAS also for the EXACT same reason yours said. We battled it out for like 2 days.

    Lots of good luck and happy thoughts from my side of the country to yours. Can't wait for your updates...

  2. Best of luck to you on this very important day!

  3. Lots of luck to you today! So exciting.

  4. My fingers and toes are crossed for a good fert report!! This is a very exciting week!!!!

  5. OMG I am so excited for you....it is almost time for transfer :)
    and I think you are so wonderful for upholding your end of the promise....men have so little to "do" in this process....it seems that the things they ask are hard to deny :)

  6. Yay for retrieval! And I am SURE there will be WAY more than 2 embies by tomorrow. I can't wait to hear the fert report! So, Friday or Sunday...at last, at last! Your cycle has seemed to last an eternity. So I'm happy as can be that you finally arrived! I admire your dedication to the couple's therapy - both of you - for so long. But wow, you went above and beyond (in my opinion) agreeing not to POAS although you'd like to. So, okay, I promise not to try to persuade you otherwise and I respect your honesty. But....waaaahhhh....that means WE have to wait longer too! (selfish me).

  7. I'm so excited for you! Think positive thoughts and good luck!