Thursday, September 24, 2009

one day closer ...

Super coordinator is back from wherever she went for a few weeks - worse luck. She has already confused everyone twice today! However, we finally got all the information and our donor is at 13 so she has 2 or 3 days of stim left. My E2 is 256 (thank you very much) and we are all good to go. I stay on EL, 4 patches and a pill till further notice but the end is very much in sight.

I am still in the throws of a really bad head cold but the way I see it - its my body's way of preparing me. I don't fancy coffee so I went cold turkey a few days ago (had the headache anyway) have been eating like a trouper - spelt whole wheat bread with manuka honey, roasted veggies and above all - yummy soups. I left work at lunch time today (went to acupuncture) and shall take the rest of the week off - ok, it's only one day but it is still a restful day!

I am preparing to have some healthy little embies in me so they/it can grow into healthy little kid/s.

Now, where is that remote control???


  1. Enjoy your day off and the weekend. You're SO CLOSE!!!!

  2. Wow -- you ARE SO CLOSE. This time next week you could be starting your 2ww. Isn't that something to think about. Sending love out to you and to your donor, hoping she makes lots of healthy eggs and the retrival goes well!

  3. Good girl! Pamper yourself, eat soup, drink plenty of liquids and get lots of rest. A few more days of donor stimming is probably a good thing to give you a little more time to get better. But out...EB will be back in full force and ready to make a home for her babies!

  4. soooooo flippin' exciting!

    bad tv and long naps - does a body good!