Friday, September 25, 2009

post 200

200 posts. you all know what I am thinking so I need not write it.

home. drinking soup and vitamin c. Gone through two boxes of tissues already. I so don't mind. Get it all out. Toxins and all. I will be supercharged for my embies next week.


Here's a silly question. Hopefully we have a5 day transfer - does that mean its only a 1 ww??


  1. Yes! Well, 9 days. Or whenever your RE does the first beta (usually 14 days). That is the BEST part of doing a 5 day transfer! Best of luck, hon - thinking of you.

  2. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. But I say go for a 3-day transfer. The egg is young! No need to keep those fragile eggies out in the cold, cruel world any longer than necessary! And yes, I agree with won't be waiting a full 14 days from transfer because you'll have had a little head start. My beta was scheduled 12 days after my transfer, and I POAS (with super faint results) 7 days post transfer. Hope you kick this cold soon!