Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lining update /weigh in

C.ornell phoned yesterday and told me to come back on Sunday for b/w and U/S as my .... lining is still too thick. Hey, yesterday's doctor that keeps telling me all is well and to expect a call instructing me to starts patches... you fu**ing SUCK

I asked the nurse if the thick lining is a problem and this was the exchange
"are you still bleeding?"
"then no. I'd be more concerned if you had finished bleeding"
"on Sunday I will have stopped bleeding. What if its still 7-8 ?"
"we might just start you on the patches since your estrogen is so low"
"so low? Is that also a problem?"
"so, we'll see you on sunday. "

I guess I may find out more next week since I am going to call Dr C directly. Enough monkeys already, lets get the barrel guy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried. Anyone had a DE cycle cancelled due to a thick lining? Or messed up estrogen?
I have to be careful here - thankfully, BWUB will kick my arse if I slip into moaning and groaning mode :-)
BTW K and BWUB: So far my San Fran trip is set for Wednesday - I fly from NY in the am, meetings and diner then back to the airport for the red-eye back. All in coach. fun.

Weigh in week 19
I lost 3.4 pounds. For those paying attention I have gained and lost 3.4 pounds exactly for 3 weeks now. Overall I still lost 30 pounds. I rock. So I have set a goal of losing 4 pounds in 7 weeks. I know I am not supposed to be actively dieting but since I eat organic, full fat food I can't see how this would be bad for me or the proposed embie.
And it is 'Lose for Good' for the next 7 weeks. For every pound I lose WW will donate 1 pound of food. cool huh.
In a world where I control nothing and am at the whim of random yoo hoo invading doctors I get to control my healthy intake. I shall also take advantage of the West Win/g on Bravo and walk on the treadmill for a couple of hours in the am. Helps me with the l.upron RAGE

I'm off the the beach now. Coney Island mmmn dirty water and crappy beach but hey! its a train ride away and there is fresh air.


  1. Have fun at Coney Island, weather here in the east is good :) and urgh for the lining/estrogen stuff....hopefully someone can give you a good answer on sunday!

  2. OMG...what is with those people at Cor.nell? This being in limbo thing sucks! It's sounds like your SF trip will be a whirlwind. I'm scheduled to arrive Wed late afternoon, assuming I am not cancelled on Monday. Keep me in the loop if your schedule changes.

  3. I swear these conversations with nurses are like a psychological horror movie sometimes!!! Sorry you have to go in for an U/S on Sunday - I hope you get good news and all is well. Organic, full fat food - yum! Have a good Coney Island time!

  4. I think you've got a great plan and super job on the 30 lbs. I remember when I hit that mark in WW it felt out of this world. I'm sorry the Cornell people are so frustrating. I'm glad to know you aren't taking any of their crap. I think they'd cringe to know how public their errors in human relations can be displayed.

  5. UGH! I just lost my post! (and it was a huge rant!)

    screw the nursing staff! demand to speak with your RE! you're paying a crapload of $$ and you have some serious questions that need answers. I don't care if dr so and so is on holiday in the hamptons this weekend. you need answers! grrrrrr!

    my biggest complaint with cornell? horrific support staff! half the time the nurses wouldn't even call me back. the "squeaky wheel" honey!

  6. Hey EB -- thinking of you and, just to state the obvious: WTF is going on at C..nell and why can't they get their act together? I think it is so, so frusturating when the medical world doesn't pay attention. Sure they're busy, sure maybe it's complicated but, jeeze, it's their job. It's not like this is some weird, unheard of variable. It's the lining people, you check this in every cycle. Can't they just have a meeting to decide what ranges they're going to use and post them the staff lounge or something? I hope you're able to set it aside as needed so it's not driving you too totally crazy. (I would be nutso, I'm sure.) And, I hope you had a great day at the beach, or, is it called the shore back there? Love to you,