Friday, September 11, 2009

Patches and thoughts

Elizabeth ( is lovely. Her words of support have meant so much to me over the past year. She always says just the right thing. She and her husband are having a tough time. Please go over and give her hug.

So...... Cornel.l called yesterday. They managed to get their act together and cross compare my IVF cycles and have amazingly noticed that I have a thick lining. I always have had a thick lining. Through all 6 cycles, I have had a 7 - 22 lining.

Now, two things ...
1. they are doing that now? How about when I did my mock? how about when I mentioned it to them a few weeks back? How about not scaring the crap out of us with words like 'cancel' and 'too thick'
2. WTF???!!!!

So, as of yesterday I am on one patch and two injections. One patch of estrogen (hello lover) every other day and two 20cc of l.upron. I already feel better. Tired, achy, spotty, dizzy and oh so hungry but much better :-) Does that mean we are on our way ??

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we are 3 weeks away from transfer. Ohhhh joy. 3 weeks from a 5 day transfer. less than 3 weeks from a 3 day transfer. I will be PUPO in 3 weeks. I will be in bed, watching funny DVD's and English TV eating pineapple core. bliss.

And Miss kitty. Full recovery, bandage came off this morning. For the first time in months she is naked and loving it. All purring and grooming. She was exhausted yesterday after the surgery - fell asleep on the bed and didn't move for 12 hours. Today she is up and hungry and all over us and her brother. You can not even guess how big a smile I have on my face right now!!

Happy Friday everyone. Thanks for you support this week


  1. What good news! Okay, THIS time, Cornell's screw up turned out to be in your favor! Imagine that! So -whew!- everything is on track and T-minus 3 weeks to transfer! YAY! And happy day for kitty too. I say go buy yourself a lottery ticket! All good things to you.

  2. Great news!!! Let the countdown begin!! And great news on kitty! Now she can take care of you for awhile ;) Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Excellent news! And excellent news about your beloved kitty. I hope you have a lovely weekend :-)

  4. Glad things are going well for you and for kitty! Here's hoping for great three weeks and beyond...

  5. Yeah for kitty kat being all back to normal! I'm so happy for her and for you. 3 weeks is just around the corner! It will be here before you know it!

  6. happy for you! and your very-clean-cat!
    3 more weeks!
    whoo hoo!
    this is VERY good news. I am so excited for you!

  7. Happy to read such good news for today...there is so much crap out there.

  8. I'm sure the 3 weeks will skip by in a flash. Very excited and very happy the kitty is finally safe and happy.