Thursday, October 1, 2009

the day in between

My little ones are 'in bed'. That is how I like to think of the mass of cells working hard over at Cl. I have phoned in to work today to tell them that I will be out until next Wednesday, maybe Thursday. I had to -BWUB was gonna kick my ass if I went straight back to work!

I feel excited and filled with anticipation but I also feel peaceful. The cats are helping - they are total cuddle bugs at the moment. I could put it down to animal intuition but really - I think it got colder and they snuggle for heat. Whatever the reason, they are lovely and it really helps bring my heart rate down!

I am also getting rid of the EL in my system. I feel like I have taken a really strong anti-depressant! My mind feels lighter and brighter, if a mind can feel like that. I weighed myself this am and I have dropped most of the EL weight.

My E2 is hanging around the 250 mark so I think they will increase my estrodial. They want it around the 300 mark although no-one seemed worried about that.

And finally - thank you for all the lovely messages. It helped me really feel great about what is happening and how many embies we got. Tomorrow they will call in the am to tell me if I need to be in the ER that afternoon or on Sunday. Everyone pray for a 5 day transfer!!


  1. I'm praying! and very very very very happy for you!
    hate the lupron and glad it is leaving behind a trail of happy- you seriously deserve all the good feeing stuff that there is.

    GOOD luck tomorrow (if it is tomorrow) or sunday otherwise.
    thinking of you,

  2. I'm happy you're taking time off work too! Many, many happy thoughts for you...and enjoy coming out from under the EL cloud! ;)

  3. grow grow GROW little ones! we're all cheering for you!


  4. You know I laughed out loud and clapped my hands when you said you were staying home next week under conditional threat of a butt kicking! Hey, if it takes threats, so be it! Really though, I'm so glad that on all counts you feel good. The kitties help soothe you, the EL is working its way out of your system, the embies are in bed, and your transfer is mere days away. It's been a long, hard road and you have SO earned your happy ending. I can't wait. :)

  5. A blog I have been following for two years is about a 41 year old women who used her 22 yr old niece for donor egg. Dr's normally had done 5 day transfers w/her, bur a the last second decided to do a 2 day transfer (something I nver heard of). Any way, she delieverd twin boys last week!!! I am pulling for you!