Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have cut back on the coffee. I think I was over indulging a little (huge amounts!) and I have restarted the prenatal vitamins. On Tuesday of last week I stopped taking them ("what's the fucking point").

Even though I am busy I am still a little fragile deep down inside. I have a strong urge to stay in bed, be with my DH and generally do nothing, which I am resisting.

I think I have a bug, since I still have a sore throat and headache but I also know this could be the side fx of depression.

All in all, I am moving forward in the best way I know how even though I am scared and tired.

On the happy side, I am wearing pants that I have had since 2005 and never been able to get into. :-)


  1. Thanks for your comment. I have a follow up u/s later today. Kinda nervous. Ok, really nervous. Mr. W is going with me. It's impossible in this game, not to prepare oneself for the worst. But I have no reason to suspect things aren't ok. Sigh. Thanks for asking. Will update later, maybe much later. It's Mr W's birthday tomorrow. Take care.

  2. Amazing about the pants. I am green with envy.

    Try hard to resist the wallowing instinct -- I know it's strong, but it sounds like keeping busy is doing a lot of good.

    Sorry you are feeling under the weather... i hope it goes away before becoming something more serious.

  3. Fitting into skinny pants is awesome! I have some skinny pants tucked away somewhere that I fear I'll NEVER fit into again (also from 2005)! Good girl, back on prenatals. Just go through the paces for now. Protect your heart. Take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Great news about the pants! Little joys like that can really brighten your day. I've started to fit into some of my old things but I've not been motived enough with weight loss recently (mom's been in the hospital) so I've topped off for now. I too lost about 26lbs. thanks to your good example! See how your life can affect so many others! Just like in the movie It's A Wonderful LIfe (I named my dog after one of the little girls)! I just hope that we can do the same for you!
    When I went on conception hiatus I too stopped the prenatal vitamins. Actually after my 2nd BFN IVF I switched to women's vitamins with iron
    and took supplemental folic acid and iron (doctor okayed). It really became too painful for me to have to look at the bottle. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. Sometimes it's these little constant reminders that can really eat away at us on a daily basis.
    Everyone seems to be getting sick in the East. Some of my coworkers are getting the flu (yuk!), but most of us seem to be suffering with Allergy issues. Even my dogs!
    It's difficult breaking the coffee thing but decaf can also be pretty good!
    Hang in there!